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  • Algeria

    Algeria is a North African country which meets the Mediterranean coast, with borders which include Tunisia, Morocco and Mali. It is home to a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Roman ruins of Djémila and Timgad, and Al Qal’a of Beni Hammad, which was the first capital of the Hammadid empire.

  • Cameroon

    Take a trip to the scenic country of Cameroon, boasting colourful natural parks and is the home of exotic animals. Walking enthusiasts will appreciate Mount Cameroon, an active volcano, which looks over the Gulf of Guinea on the west coast of the country. Take a trip to Waze National Park, a nature reserve, providing close encounters with beautiful animals.

  • Egypt

    Discover the Arab Republic of Egypt, full of wondrous sights to see including the Pyramids of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Take a cruise along the River Nile, and explore the beautiful banks and buildings, before venturing into the tombs at the Valley of the Kings!

  • Ethiopia

    Explore the beautiful surroundings of Ethiopia, situated in the Horn of Africa. Admire the views at Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile, which was formed by volcanic activity over 5 million years ago. Mago National Park offers a cultural experience, and is the residence of the Mursi ethic group who welcome tourists to the area.

  • Jordan

    Jordan is located on the East Bank of the River Jordan, bordering Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iraq, Palestine and Syria, as well as the famous salt lake, the Dead Sea. Jordan has plenty to offer in the way of tourist attractions, including historically and culturally significant sites such as Petra, a rock-cut city dating back as far as 312 BC.

  • Kenya

    Discover beautiful scenery and culture in Kenya, offering a memorable holiday for the whole family. Take a safari tour of the Nairobi National Park, home to exotic animals and endangered species, before exploring the city of Nairobi a short distance away. Kenya offers a wealth of relaxing retreats and activities to suit everyone who visits this exciting country.

  • Kuwait

    The Western Asian country of Kuwait lies at the tip of the Persian Gulf, dwarfed in size by its Iraqi and Saudi Arabian neighbours. Popular landmarks include the Grand Mosque of Kuwait and the Kuwait Towers, whilst Kuwait also offers a plethora of large shopping malls, fascinating museums and richly diverse art galleries.

  • Lebanon

    Lebanon is home to many prestigious attractions, from the naturally formed Jeita Grotto to the famous Grand Serail. Visit Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, and spend the day browsing the vibrant shopping boutiques and admiring the city’s skyline. Walk down to the coastline and see the Pigeon Rocks, naturally formed and provide a fascinating spectacle.

  • Mauritius

    Mauritius is an island located in the Indian Ocean, offering a welcoming paradise from the every day. Visit the seaside village of Flic-en-Flac, a popular place to enjoy the scenery and sun. Discover a wide range of exotic animals across the island in one of the various national parks, before indulging in a spot retail therapy at the Cauden Waterfront.

  • Namibia

    Take in the stunning views of Namibia, offering the ideal place for a relaxing retreat. Visit the largest canyon in Africa, Fish River Canyon, one of the country’s most treasured attractions. The peaceful Namib-Naukluft National Park is home to some of the tallest sand dunes in the world, providing a stunning backdrop to your visit to Namibia.

  • Nigeria

    Nigeria offers an array of exciting places to visit and peaceful retreats to enjoy. The Wikki Warm Springs is a popular place to visit, famously known for its warm water, and is located in the exotic Yankari National Park. In the Borno State of Nigeria is Lake Chad, which flows through the three neighbouring countries.

  • Oman

    The Arab state of Oman offers beautiful scenery and looks out across the glistening Persian Gulf. Explore the Wahiba Sands and experience riding a camel across the golden landscape, stretching for miles. Discover the history of Bahla Fort, one of the four famous fortresses in the Djebel Akhdar highlands, providing the perfect backdrop for your photographs.

  • Qatar

    Take in the breathtaking views in Qatar and discover the country’s ancient monuments and luxury shopping experiences. The capital of Doha is home to some of the world’s biggest corporations and boasts various shopping malls to enjoy a spot of retail therapy. Away from the busy streets, the Barzan Tower overlooks the coast of Qatar, providing views for miles.

  • Saudi Arabia

    Take in the exotic views of Saudi Arabia, and see some stunning examples of modern architecture. The colourful markets are a huge draw for tourists, as are the many beautiful and historic landmarks, such as the Mosque of the Prophet and the Kingdom Centre Tower.

  • Seychelles

    The Seychelles offers the perfect retreat for a peaceful getaway. Sit back and relax on the golden sands of Anse Intendance beach, a popular place to unwind and for a spot of surfing. Choose from a range of walks and trails around the Seychelles or take a trip to the smaller exotic islands, a short journey away from the mainland.

  • South Africa

    South Africa is located at the continent’s southernmost tip, bordering a number of other countries including Namibia and Zimbabwe. It boasts Indian and Atlantic coastlines, and is a country famous for its stunning safaris, as it is home to the beautiful sight of buffalo, elephants, leopards, lions and rhinos living in the wild.

  • Tanzania

    Tanzania offers a selection of unique experiences to make your getaway unforgettable. Serengeti National Park gives you the chance to have close encounters with some of the species of animals that live in this scenic part of Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjaro is also one of the country’s major landmarks and a popular spectacle among locals and tourists.

  • Turkey

    Turkey is a transcontinental country, situated mostly in Western Asia and partially in South-Eastern Europe, with a number of other countries bordering, including Bulgaria, Greece and Armenia. It also has Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Sea borders, and the largest city is Istanbul, which features a number of landmarks and tourist attractions.

  • United Arab Emirates

    The U.A.E. is home to the modern, progressive cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with their breathtaking skylines and welcoming culture. See the spectacular Burj Khalifa, which stands at 2.722 feet and is one of the most impressive skyscrapers ever constructed, as well as other famous landmarks, such as Burj Al Arab and Dubai Marina.

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