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Hilton announces £76 million hotel development in Aldgate, London

Hilton announces £76 million hotel development in Aldgate, London

Hilton has unveiled plans to launch a brand new hotel complex in Aldgate, East London.

The proposed £76 million venture will bring Canopy by Hilton - Hilton’s lifestyle brand - to Aldgate by 2018.

This new hotel will join the 35 other Hilton hotels across London and is planned to be situated outside the Aldgate underground station. 

The new hotel will also launch alongside residential and office properties, as well as a new public garden. 

Hilton has partnered with the 4C Hotel Group in order to get the project going, with interior designers claiming that it will draw on the “legacy of the Whitechapel Gallery and the melting pot of cultures that exist in East London”.

The new hotel development is set to coincide with the Crossrail train line service that is set to run through the area and is due in 2018.

East London has recently been hit with many new developments that Hilton is looking to adding to, including Altitude, a 35 storey tower and Cityscape, a high-price residential building. 

It is thought that properties in the area are set to be 26% more valuable by 2018, leading to Aldgate being called “the best new address in London”.

Gary Steffen, global head of Canopy by Hilton, said that the East End of London was the ideal place for an exciting and vibrant hotel. 

“Aldgate was chosen for its proximity to both the stylish City of London and the more edgy and energetic East End.”

The new Canopy will follow the opening of the new complex in Reykjavik, Iceland this summer. 

Source: Independent

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