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Hilton partners with Uber to bring in-app connectivity

Hilton partners with Uber to bring in-app connectivity

Hilton Hotels has partnered with ride-hailing company Uber in order to provide extra connectivity with hotels across America. 

Combining with Hilton’s HHonors members program, Uber will now recommend Hilton hotels in the area as well as advising users on popular things to do when travelling. 

The new connectivity will also allow users to set a reminder to order an Uber car before they leave. 

Using both apps, guests will eventually be able to get personalised data sent directly to them, including a travel guide comprised of restaurants and nightlife venues as well as the hotel they’re staying in already set as a destination for Uber drivers. 

The move comes just as Uber has become one of the world’s most popular taxi services, with its influence this year reaching beyond the US to operate in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Uber currently operates in over 300 around the world, making a partnership with Hilton potentially lucrative for both companies. 

This also is not the first time that Uber has partnered with a hotel franchise. Last year, Hyatt added an Uber hailing function into its own app, allowing user to order an Uber directly to and from the hotel. Starwood Hotels & Resorts also recently allowed guests to earn loyalty points when taking an Uber to its hotels.

HHonors members can use the integrated Uber functionality now, with more features due to be added later this month. 

Source: Fortune 

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