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“Home of English football” reviews security measures

“Home of English football” reviews security measures

A Hilton property in Burton is having its security reviewed after thieves stole over £6,000 from the office safe. 

The Hilton Hotel at St George’s Park, Burton, suffered a breach of security when two thieves, masquerading as engineers, managed to leave the property with thousands in stolen cash. 

Burton Magistrates Court claimed that the pair found a master key once inside the hotel, which allowed them to gain access to the safe.

Following the incident, the court has advised that the hotel upgrade its security measures and procedures.

The Hilton at St George’s is a hotspot for some of England’s most well-known footballers, including Wayne Rooney, Joe Hart and Raheem Sterling, leading it to be dubbed “the home of English football”.

This is due, in part, to the £105 million fitness centre, which draws athletes from all over the country thanks to its state of the art facilities. 

A spokesman from the Hilton claimed that the hotel will now undertake a full review of its security, in order to prevent further incidents. 

The statement also noted that no hotel guests or staff were affected, as the incident occurred during closing hours.

The pair of thieves were caught due to CCTV footage and have been given suspended sentences as well as orders to repay the money. 

Source: Burton Mail 

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