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United States of America

  • Arizona

    The south-west US state of Arizona is known for its hot summers, as well as its breathtaking landscapes. The sweeping mountain ranges and deep canyons make for a stunning sight, and visitors to the state often take advantage of the exhilarating ski resorts. You also won’t want to miss a trip to the famous Grand Canyon National Park.

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  • California

    California is a West Coast state which is one of the largest in the U.S. by area, and it borders Oregon, Nevada and Arizona, as well as Mexico’s Baja California state. Popular attractions include Disneyland, Hollywood and the glorious sandy beaches of Malibu, and to the north of the state is the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

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  • District of Columbia

    Washington D.C. is the capital of the U.S., and was named after George Washington, the country’s first president. One of the most famous landmarks is the White House, home of the president, and other local attractions include the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, Jefferson Pier and the Smithsonian Institution.

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  • Florida

    Florida is a state and peninsula in the south-east of the U.S., which is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. Known colloquially as ‘The Sunshine State’, Florida’s beaches are a huge draw for tourists, which long stretches of beautiful coastline, and other major attractions include Universal Studios and Disney World.

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  • Hawaii

    Hawaii was a late arrival to the United States, joining in 1959, and is notable for being the only one located in Oceania, off the West Coast. Tourism is key to the economy, and it is a hugely popular destination, with beautiful and diverse scenery, breathtaking stretches of inviting, picturesque beach and a famously welcoming culture.

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  • Illinois

    The state of Illinois offers a selection of historical and entertaining attractions. Visit the final resting place of Abraham Lincoln, former president of the United States of America, providing a peaceful location from the busy Illinois streets. For all the family, Six Flags Great America boasts a selection of amusements, from thrilling rides to unique events happening all year round.

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  • Louisiana

    Take in the culture of Louisiana and its beautiful parks, offering a relaxing setting. Sip on a coffee in New Orleans Jazz National Park or go back in time at the Myrtles Plantation, home to many historical tales dating back to the 1700s. Louisiana provides some of America’s oldest history, as well as a variety of relaxing retreats.

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  • Massachusetts

    Massachusetts is home to various historical landmarks and beautiful wildlife. Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area boasts one of the oldest lighthouses in the country, with ferry trips available from the mainland to some of the small islands. Take a romantic stroll in the Boston Public Garden, offering peaceful scenery at the heart of the Pilgrim State.

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  • New York

    New York offers a unique city break experience, from the vibrant evenings in Times Square to the romance of Central Park. Climb up the Empire State Building, before taking a walk along 5th Avenue and indulging in a spot of retail therapy. Frequent ferry trips are also available to Liberty Island, home of the Statue of Liberty.

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  • Washington

    Discover of some America’s most iconic landmarks in Washington, boasting beautiful scenery and prestigious corporate buildings. The White House offers the ideal backdrop for photos, dominating over beautifully preserved gardens. The Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument are also key features of this state. Washington provides fantastic shopping experiences and attractions.

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